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Let’s help you start a profitable online business with zero inventory and near zero capital. Our virtual retail program gives you an opportunity to start your own online business, get profitable and scale effortlessly.

Become a Virtual Retailer

Access Thousands of Inventory

Joining our virtual retail program means you access thousands of inventory – sell at recommended retail price or set your own price to determine your profitability.

Inventory and Price Auto-Updates

The Zidi Virtual Retailer Platform constantly updates your product price and stock levels, so you never sell a product that’s out of stock or above your retail price.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Ship products right to your customers. Just click “Order Product” and confirm. Fulfillment is then automatically handled by Zidi Africa.

Everything you need

Product Customization

Edit your products as you wish: change titles, descriptions, images, anything!

Pricing Automations

Create pricing rules, and price your products in bulk.

Shipment Tracking

Know where your orders are at all times with integrated order tracking.

Track Your Sales

Follow your store earnings in a convenient sales and costs dashboard.

Change Product Suppliers

Easily switch between the suppliers offering the best price.

Multiple User Accounts

Allow other people to help run your online store.

Frequently asked questions

Zidi Africa virtual retail is an online platform that enables you to start, run and manage your own retail business from anywhere from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. The platform provides you with hundreds of products at a set wholesale price which you can then sell to your customers at a retail price. The retail price margin is set for every product thus enabling you to make profit from the every sale. Zidi Africa handles all delivery and inventory management ensuring you can run a profitable business. Sell products to family and friends and make profits instantly once they pay via Zidi Africa.

Creating an Zidi Africa Virtual Retail account is simple. To sign up visit Zidi Our team will review your application and revert within 48 hours. Once the application is successful - create your shop and populate it with products that you wish to sell. Pick a unique name for your shop and set the products to sell. Your shop is the door step for anyone to access your products. When selling - knowing your customers and knowing your products is the key to sales and profitability.

Once your shop is ready with the products to sell, the next step is reach out to customers. The best place to start is a familiar ground where almost all your friends live and breath in -whatsapp. Download good photos of the item you wish to sell and share with the most relevant of friends together with price and a brief description. Personalize your message for good appeal and better impact For instance your aunts might want to buy home appliances more than they would wish to buy men shoes. Its upto to you to tailor the message to each audience. Again, its important to be professional and avoid over promising customers. Let them know you are selling on your online store and share the unique link to your shop. Check to confirm delivery timelines as indicated on the item. If they agree to buy it's now time to send a link to the item to them. They will be required to pay via Zidi Africa in simple steps and the money will be held in Zidi Africa trust wallet until the order is completed. The money will be paid to the merchant and to you only after the order is completed fully. Your client is happy and you make your money.

This is an important channel for your sales as most people are here. Create products posts that are not pushy or consider the option of going through facebook messaging to get to friends directly. Create post once in a while if the account used is personal. Remember when choosing products to sell its important to do better research on the product and how well they are selling in the market. Check the Zidi Africa section to find out the Hottest and trending products.

This is yet another important and powerful channel to consider for driving sales and growth of your virtual retail platform. Simply create a facebook page with a title of your business as listed on Zidi Africa. Add logo, page cover and products to the shop. With this page you can chose to “Boost” your posts to reach more people and drive sales fast. It's important to understand how the cost of the ads affect your profitability and how to balance it out. Get started with a facebook page today for your virtual retail business. Our team will assist where you need help.

This is yet another dime for your marketing weaponry. First, find the groups with the largest members on facebook and request to join. I would highly consider groups that are specific to buy and sell. These are your cornerstone. Create sales post of your products from your store. Ensure you add a link to your Zidi Africa shop to give your buyers confidence. When interested individuals chose to visit your shop they will be buying from your own store confident and they can pay online with the Zidi Africa secure payment gateway that protects their funds online from fraud. Getting started with facebook groups today.

Paid advertising online is also a key ingredient to driving consistent sales and profitability on your shop. Consider creating adverts on Google, facebook, twitter, instagram and on classifieds sites like olx and pigiame. With paid advertising you can easily sell products to a large audience without struggling to find them one by one. Remember its important to strike a balance when creating paid ads as you are investing your money to drive sales and create profitability.

Free classified websites like pigiame and olx are prime for driving sales for your virtual retail business. These sites are simple to use and have a large user base of people who visit looking for different products. Create your free ads and add clear descriptions to the products. Ensure you add more than one image to create clarity. Knowing your products is a key driver to making sales.

Well, things will not always be perfect. There might be delays here or there and so the most important thing is to be honest and transparent with your clients. Our delivery partners will always strive to deliver your package to the client in time but some time there might be challenges. It's important to assure your client to be patient as you liaise with your account manager. Our account managers are quick, efficient and always happy to help you deliver your items in time. They are available on call and email 24/7.

At Zidi Africa, our goal is to empower entrepreneurs to make a better living whether on the side or full time. We understand that driving sales online to your shop can be a fulfilling experience. Our variety of products allow you to have options and in the long term create a business that you can grow substantially. Our team is always looking for the best rates on products to ensure you can sell more and profit more.

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